The annual heating price increase encourages owners of private houses and apartments to search for new heating technologies and technical solutions to reduce these rising costs.

Often, these solutions lie in the field of optimization and reasonable combination of advantages of the known heating systems types. An example of such solution is thermodynamic heating system SKYMECH Stafor COMBI.

SKYMECH Stafor COMBI heating system is a combination of effective, even in north climate zone hybrid heat pump – solar collector (thermodynamic system) and new generation ion heater. Each of the components of this system has its strengths and weaknesses. Their reasonable combination in one system makes maximum use of the first and possibility to avoid the second. Thermodynamic system allows using for heating – solar energy as direct solar radiation and heat energy from environment. In north climate zones, this system has the advantage over solar collectors, as it works when there is no direct sunlight (at night, in cloudy and rainy weather, all year round).

The advantages of SKYMECH Stafor COMBI THERMODYNAMIC unit comparing with ground source and air heat pumps are absence of large external contours plowed in the ground, ice accretion of external heat pumps blocks. In thermodynamic unit heat transfer is made through compact and easily mounted on the facade or roof thermodynamic panels. The high coefficient of performance (COP 250% - 500%) is also a major advantage of the thermodynamic system. The strength of the second component of heating system SKYMECH Stafor COMBI – new generation ion boiler SKYMECH Stafor who have highest efficiency (COP 100% - 204%) comparing to all electric heating appliances and ability to provide significant heat flow in just few seconds. Heating with SKYMECH Stafor ion boiler is 1.5 - 2 times cheaper than heating with TEN boilers or classical electric convectors.

Combining those two cutting-edge heating technologies in one system SKYMECH Stafor COMBI, we get a compact, highly efficient heating system for small private houses (up to 100m²) and apartments, capable to guarantee hot water and heat for a reasonable price. Two thermodynamic panels of the system SKYMECH Stafor COMBI fully cover needs of apartment or small house for hot water (consuming about 2kWh per 200 liters of hot water 55°C) and heating (consuming about 2.5kWh per 1 m² in month) at spring and fall. Winter time, during peak load for heating and in moment of huge consumption of hot water, ion boiler SKYMECH Stafor automatically connects in work and quickly replaces missing heat flow.

Work of SKYMECH Stafor COMBI is controlled by automatic climate control system. It controls the temperature of the hot water in the sanitary boiler, the temperature of the indoor environment and allows you to set different temperatures during the day and week. In SKYMECH Stafor COMBI heating system you can find the combination of high efficiency and reasonable low cost what makes it a very interesting solution for a large number of residents who wish to optimize their heating costs.


Original thermodynamic hybrid system SKYMECH Stafor COMBI can be used as main heat source for heating systems with radiators, “heat floors”. It can be used to heat up only hot sanitary water boiler (DHW).

SKYMECH Stafor COMBI system can be connected and can work together with:

  • Solid fuel boilers, liquid fuel boilers.
  • Solar collectors, photovoltaic systems, wind generators.
  • Smart house technology.
  • All other heating and energy saving systems.


Easy installation:

  • Light and ultra-flat panel.
  • Does not require any labor or roof reinforcing.
  • Full installation in less than 4 hours.
  • Fits to existing low temperature heating system (radiators or under floor heating).
  • Indoor heat accumulating tank equipped with till two heat exchangers for customization.

Architectural integration:

  • Inclination from 30° to 90° (vertical).
  • Small space needed for all system installation.

Work conditions:

  • Works all year long.
  • Works at day and night.
  • Works in any weather conditions.
  • For north climate zone one thermodynamic panel can be installed outside, one inside of unheated area (basement, attic, veranda).
  • Provides 100% need for DHW and heating, even in winter time.

Strength and quality:

  • No glass or outside electrical components.
  • Products tested in our facilities before shipping.
  • High quality raw materials only from European suppliers.