Frequently asked questions about ION BOILERS SKYMECH Stafor and control panels

 What is the ionic boilers SKYMECH Stafor?

 Boilers SKYMECH Stafor do not have direct analogues in the market. The design of the boiler used a patented solution to fulfill all the requirements of European directives on low voltage Nr. EN 60335-1. Our boilers have class I electrical safety, as evidenced by a record of testing Nr. T25D07, T37D08 and may, without limitation installed in the EU.

  How does work ion boiler SKYMECH Stafor?

  The process of heating the heat carrier in the ion boiler occurs at the expense of ion conduction. Positive and negative ions of heat carrier move to the respective electrodes, while providing thermal energy.

  For what kind of heating systems ion boilers SKYMECH Stafor are suitable?

  Ion boilers SKYMECH Stafor is suitable for water heating & space heating for Hotel, hospital ,Club, hostels, swimming pool houses, apartments, garages, manufacturing and storage facilities of any heated area. This may be heating system with radiators, warm floor, hot water boilers and combined system. Used in hybrid systems:
-Solid/gas/granular/oil boiler + ion boiler SKYMECH Stafor;
-Fireplace with heat exchanger + ion boiler SKYMECH Stafor;
-Solar collector + ion boiler SKYMECH Stafor;

  What is the warranty period for the ion boiler SKYMECH Stafor?

  You get a direct guarantee of the manufacturer SKYMECH Stafor EKO ltd for 2 years with possible extension.

  What are the operating costs of ion boiler SKYMECH Stafor?

  Running costs of ion boiler SKYMECH Stafor compelling an average of 15-25 kWh per 1000 ltr ( difference of water temp. are 40 degree.) & for space heating 4-5 kwh per month .The space heating depends on the building heat losses, average winter temperature, the temperature inside the building, the work of ventilation, mode operation of a building, etc.

  Can I install an ion boiler SKYMECH Stafor in heating system with cast-iron radiators?

  Experience in installation and operation of ion boilers SKYMECH Stafor shows that it is possible. If the old system and operated on the water, it must be washed with water, or heating systems cleaning agent STATERM CLEANER.

  Is it possible to run (operate) SKYMECH Stafor boilers on the water?


  How are regulated output power of ion boilers SKYMECH Stafor?

  Power of ion boilers within the model of the boiler (eg. SKYMECH Stafor 10-20 from 10kW to 20kW) is regulated by the parameters of the heat carrier (conductivity at a certain temperature) with the additive STATERM POWER and tables of the adjust.