The increased rate of energy conversion from electrical to thermal with COP from 1 (100%) to 1.57-2.04 (157% -2.04%), depending on the model of boiler and operation mode. From other manufacturers, this parameter is less than 1.This means that if you use the boiler SKYMECH STAFOR, the electric current makes a greater job and, respectively, heating costs are reduced.

Do not overpay for heating! Use high-efficiency boilers SKYMECH STAFOR!!


The original, patented design of the boiler is fundamentally. It enables to use a principle of the separation of working and protective field ("Faraday cell").

To date, it is the only ion (electrode) boiler of a flow type that is entirely consistent with the requirements of the European Community Low Voltage Directive № 73/23/EEC on electrical safety and authorized for sale and use in the EU member states.

Do not expose your life, and lives of other people to danger. Use electrical safety ion boilers SKYMECH STAFOR!


A large margin of safety for materials is incorporated into the ion boiler SKYMECH STAFOR during its design. The use of high-tech alloys and plastics (with heat resistance up to 700 ° C, with enhanced dielectric properties) provides high quality and reliability of the boiler SKYMECH STAFOR, making it preferable in comparison with other manufacturer’s products.

All materials used in the manufacture of the boiler have European quality certificates. Experience in the use of ionic boilers SKYMECH STAFOR indicates that the equipment, used more than 10 years, shows no signs of erosion of electrodes and other elements of the boiler’s construction, the boiler operating parameters are stable.

The service life of the ion boiler SKYMECH STAFOR subject to the rules of installation and operation is at least 10 years. Effective and reliable automation of ion boilers SKYMECH STAFOR, unlike the products of other manufacturers, has protection functions from overload, from misalignment phases of current, failure of one phase of current. It provides stable and energy-efficient boiler operation.

Heat career STATERM EKO E40 used for the ion boiler SKYMECH STAFOR provides a stable ionic composition, stability of electrical parameters of the boiler and high COP. Do not skimp on quality, use reliable boilers SKYMECH STAFOR!